We’re excited about using this communication tool. Our intention is that it will increase our collaboration and interaction within the transportation industry and with the clients we serve.  The blog is intended to serve as a vehicle for informing, explaining and clarifying current industry and PTG news; raising awareness about our company and its mission, and – most importantly – giving us an opportunity to hear from you.

PTG OfficePTG staff will be posting regularly on the blog, addressing a variety of topics. Just to be clear, the blog is not replacing our usual modes of communicating. Instead, it’s an additional way of communicating with you. We will continue to rely on live communication, written correspondence and traditional media to convey information.

We hope you will comment on our posts and on the comments of others. Comments are moderated and we will review them and get them up as quickly as possible during regular business hours.

If you have questions, issues or concerns about transportation safety or other topics, contracting with PTG.

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Welcome again to the new PTG Blog. We hope this is the beginning of a lively and engaging dialogue


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