Smart Logistics

Smart Logistics means a new approach to transportation and logistics management. Success begins by having the right people on your team.

In today’s market, you’ll find many companies that “attempt” to provide traditional truckload services. The same companies make promises, overcommit and underperform while jeopardizing you and the business that supports you. At PTG, we are smarter.

Our belief is that: “Projects don’t end bad. They start bad.”  At PTG we start and finish every job right.

Our job is to protect, serve and ensure successful outcomes for our clients. We help your existing department perform at their best, and work more efficiently. Our model reduces overhead expenses, centralizes data for decision making and oversight, minimizes turnover or layoffs and offers a nimble solution during lean times. As a trusted partner, procurement teams turn this part of the supply chain over to us so they can focus their time and attention on higher-priority, revenue-generating activities.

The right combination of capabilities allows us to make the best choices for your needs and treat every load as an “A” priority.

agent yellow Human Capital “the brains”

Each member of the PTG team has a shared passion for providing remarkable service. Traditional values like integrity, reliability and a synergistic team focus, in addition to the right equipment, get the job done right from the start. Our professionals are focused on providing creative solutions that address all needs ranging from single shipments to complex moves and disaster recovery.

configuration - Copy Technology “cool tools”

Our customizable technology platform has the capability to match your needs with optimal capacity. It also allows our team to manage each shipment from start to finish. Our professionals can provide real-time status updates throughout the move of a load, and continue to deliver seamless transportation solutions through any channel across the nation. Our Transportation Management System (TMS) provides visibility into critical data that can be used for oversight management and better decision making, and creates the transparency needed to build the trust we have with our partners.

van Assets “trucks & trailers”

We are asset-based. We utilize our resources to provide cost-effective solutions when appropriate, and provide our team with more flexibility to meet unique requirements and sizes. Our equipment and financial resources provide PTG the stability and reach to access and offer the same resources of larger organizations, while providing a “boutique” customer service experience. We can coordinate all necessary equipment, personnel and government agencies to safely and efficiently transport high-visibility, high-volume, high-value, and over-dimensional commodities regionally, cross-country and to Canada.

connections Vast Network “the whole country”

Unlike brokerage, PTG has a logistics division that has fostered collaborative long-standing relationships with a select group of vetted, prequalified and like-minded carriers. We call it “shared assets.”  All the national capacity you need, while experiencing a single point of contact and a transportation team you can trust.

Focus on your strengths—leave the logistics to the experts.

Let our Collaborative Transportation Management (CTM) team be your logistics partner. They have the expertise to identify and lower the risk and liability of potential problems from the start, and provide innovative and cost-effective supply chain solutions.    With PTG as your partner, you will have more time to focus on your business.

Principle Transport Group (PTG) is the proud winner of the 2014 National Platinum Safety Award, honored for unparalleled prevention of potential roadway risks and liability.


Driven on Principle. PTG Delivers.


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“Principle Transport Group is a hardworking carrier that is committed to on time pick up, on time delivery, and has a Customer Service group that is second to none. When I book a load with PTG, I have supreme confidence that it will deliver on time…every time”.

– Sabre-FWT


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PTG Platinum Award

Proud Winner of the Platinum Safety Award  Learn More »